Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Intermittent GSoC Status Update 1

Well First off let me explain the title, basically these posts are going to be a running series of updates on what I did on a particular day, within the scope of that day, sort of a reflection and a what did we learn/do today sort of thing.  Now this series will in no sense be complete because I have no intent on doing this every single day just on days I happen to feel like doing this, and hence they will be numbered and I don't know where that number will end or how often it will update.

Now what did I do today:

well this morning I mostly was taking care of getting myself up on KDE's gsoc2013 status wiki page thing, dealt with some things related to OASIS membership and setting up the blog and signing up for it to be hooked up with PlanetKDE. 

in the afternoon and evening I worked on getting my library to actually integrate with the Calligra build system, it was some trouble to actually get it all set up and working due to my lack of familiarity with CMake (I've mostly used QMake in the past) and I was having build errors which it took a few hours of debugging for me to finally figure out that the errors was with my CMakeLists.txt file in the build system not linking in QtCore.  Thanks go out to Zagge for helping me with what I needed to do to fix that.

What I learned today:
errors in the linking stage that don't make much sense are probably due to not having the build system link the library, not in your code itself.  Also that I really need to read the CMake documentation more.

Hello World and GSoC2013 Introduction

Hello Word!

I can't promise I'll post regularly or keep this up to date, in fact I can pretty much promise I won't but I'm not going to.  Anyway this'll be a blog on my development related activities and maybe some other things, who knows?

Onto the project:

For GSoC2013 I'm helping to develop and implement the Changetracking specification being developed by OASIS for the Calligra Office Suite, to do this I am writing an Operational Transformation library (Currently codenamed kostep) and integrating that with the kotexteditor component of the Calligra suite (There may be other hook ins later outside of the scope of GSoC2013 but the current specification only covers adding and removing characters and paragraphs).  I'm not going to get into the implementation details right now but the bigger picture is it being based on Operational Transformation will lay the groundwork for future features such as Collaborative Editing.

I think that's all I'm going to cover for right now, back to code!